Centrol De Desenvolvimento para jovens em Mocambique-(CDJM)

The Centrol De Desenvolvimento para jovens em Mocambique-(CDJM) is a youth based non-governmental organization that is aimed at promoting peace and tolerance through arts and culture in Mozambique’s three provinces of Tete, Sofala and Manica. The organization started off as a youth club in Chimoio and has reached out to other areas such as Catandica in northern Mozambique. The organization works with volunteers organized as peace committees located strife ridden communities.

The organization is inspired by youth and women who aim to use the same communities to restore peace and support development at grass roots level. Its methodology is to use locally available resources of volunteers to facilitate dialogues, community theater, music and sports to foster peace between people of different or perceived different political parties. The organization’s strength lies in the functionality of its committee’s strength.

Our Vision

To be the leading youth-led organisation that promotes peace and tolerance through utilisation of Arts and culture.

 Our Mission

To promote and advance youth interests and welfare through Arts, Sports, networking, information dissemination, gender, HIV and AIDS mainstreaming and mobilisation of resources towards peace provision.